June 17, 2024

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A Collection of Short Stories

image of cover of the book titled

Heartbeats Across Borders

Two hearts, two countries, one love

Chatroom Girl

This is about meeting somebody, and falling in love with them, in an internet chat room.

Dirty River (instrumental)

Do You Believe In Destiny

Forever Yours

Full Moon (instrumental)

I Love Everything About You

Its Everything

The lyric was written by my friend Mike St. John in Tucson, Arizona.

I Will Be Thinking About You

Lazy Days (instrumental)

My favorite of all my songs.

Love Of My Life

Music of the Heart

I found these words on a poetry website, the author was listed as some nonsense name. I sent the author an email asking for permission to use his poem in a song and he never has responded. I put his poem to music after a couple weeks of waiting.

Unknown Etude (instrumental)

This song is called Unknown Etude because I don't know who wrote it. I found the original melody and chord progression in a music theory book many years ago, and the melody was uncredited.

Once Upon A Time

One Quiet Evening (instrumental)

There is only about 45 seconds of this song available, and it's from somewhere in the middle of the song. What happened to it? I have no idea.

Thats Where Your Happiness Is

Together Forever

When I Think About Angels

I have a feeling these words are not original from the person who gave them to me, but I couldn't find them listed in any plagiarism site.

Why Did You Leave

I wrote this song in the first two months after Cheryl's death. It's difficult for me to listen to this one.

World Of Love

Your Smile