House is up for sale

May 23, 2006

We are finally at a point where we can put the house up for sale. Thursday the sign goes up, and if all goes as the realtor says it should, the house will be sold and deal closed by the end of June. The land purchase is on schedule to close by the end of this month. And, I am getting ready to move to Tucson the first week of June, the Cheryl will follow after the house is sold.

I have been so busy since being laid-off. Getting the house ready to sell is no easy task. Lets see, there's yard work - gardens, parking area, shed - all need cleaned up. Inside the house there are all the little holes in the walls from the various hangings, have to fill all those, then paint over them. Theres one bedroom that was just bare sheetrock, so I had to do the mud/tape work and paint it. Then the window sill and moldings - crown molding, base molding, door casement. And the door itself had to be replaced. The stairs had to be painted, there was a hole in a wall in my computer room/office to patch and paint. There are parquay floors in a couple rooms so I did some filler in a few of the gaps to minimize them. There's a hole in a wall in my office where all the network cables come into the room from all over the house, so I squared it up and put a proper cover over it. Now I have to put in a patch panel and wire it properly for the new owners, and make it as unobtrusive as possible in case they don't need it. All the ceiling light globes needed to be removed and cleaned. All the kitchen cabinets needed cleaned. All the stuff in the house like knick-knacks and so-on had to be removed so the place looks much 'cleaner', less cluttered (staging for selling). The list goes on and on.

And on top of all that we deal with the realtor for selling, the other realter in Tucson for buying the land, and next, the designer. We designed the house ourselves, but the designer is going to make the official blueprints.

If I had been working full time getting all this done would have been a major chore, I don't know how I could've done it. But being unemployed has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I'm finally down to the last few bits of work to do, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it feels good. Now I can sit down and relax a bit, except that there is no cable, it was cancelled becuase of the sale. So I'm either watching dvd's again, or driving GTR racing game. Think I'll go off now and drive for a while. Later.